Dash for Donate Life Northwest

In the month of May, walk, run, or roll 1.25 miles to represent the 125 lives that can be saved or enhanced by one organ, eye, and tissue donor.

Feeling more ambitious? Sign up to do 8k instead, in honor of the 8 lives a single organ donor can save.

In addition, the Dash for Donate Life Northwest is a time to share your story. After registering, you can set up a page to share your story and raise funds for Donate Life Northwest.

How do I participate?

The first step is to register online. Registering allows us to know who is participating and to send you SWAG in the mail.

Then, in the month of May, walk, run, or roll 1.25 miles or 8k, whichever you prefer. This can be done on a designated day of your choosing, or in smaller bits throughout the month, and can take place anywhere that you like! You may choose to travel to Mount Tabor to remember previous Donate Life Northwest walks, or choose someplace local that has meaning to you or your family.

You can do this on your own, or make a team and walk together. If you are walking with members outside of your household, please be sure to follow your local COVID-19 safety protocols including wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart, and walking outside.


After you've signed up, you can go to [website link] to make a gift or set up a customized fundraiser (team or individual) to share your story to inspire and support the lifesaving work of Donate Life Northwest.


What else can I do?

Send us a photo or video of you or your family walking and we might include it in our compilation video. Feel free to make signs or share in the video your reason for participating in the Dash for Donate Life Northwest. Share with us on social media using #Dash4DLNW.

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